نمایش نسخه فارسی

    Papers Submission Guidance


    All enthusiasts, students, professors, engineers & researchers can submit their latest review, practical, research and scientific findings to the secretariat of the conference in conformity to paper submission topics of the conference observing the paper writing format  via users control panel. It is necessary to create a user account (private control panel) through the site membership (initial registration and private control panel creation) for submitting their papers via paper submission Menu.


    • The papers should be written in Persian or English.
    • It should be mentioned that the submission will be done as full paper and there is no need to submit the abstract separately.
    • This is to notify that the selection of papers for presentation will be done after referee by experts and professors with high scientific quality.
    • The number of pages is limited to 16 pages for full paper.
    • The registrar will be considered as responsible person for paper correspondence.


    Submission of Paper Files: 

    Two files will be received by Conference Users System.

    1. Word files in conformity to paper template
    2. Pdf file of full paper which is exactly converted from word file.


    The submission will be considered as successful when you receive a tracking code through the site. This code will be sent to the user’s e-mail in addition to registration in papers status menu in user’s panel.